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PKL 10: How Pro Kabaddi League Viewership has grown from 1st Season to 10th Season?

The ongoing Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 has indeed been exceptional, with the Paltans showcasing their prowess in 12 matches and securing victories in an impressive 10 of them. The league, known for its thrilling matches, is currently at its pinnacle, and today’s 1000th match between Bengal Warriors and Bengaluru Bulls adds a special touch to this marquee event.

In this article, we embark on a transformative journey, exploring the evolution of PKL viewership from its inaugural season to the milestone Season 10. Here are some compelling facts that shed light on the league’s remarkable trajectory:

From a noteworthy 438 million viewers in PKL Season 2, making it the second most-viewed league in India, to a remarkable 32% surge in the ongoing Season 10, boasting an impressive 80.1 million viewership in the first four matches.

Cumulatively, the first four matches of PKL 10 have garnered a staggering 2.7 billion watch time, solidifying its status as the most-viewed league in India, trailing only behind IPL. Additionally, a promising 38% increase in ratings is anticipated.

Delving into the statistics of the initial 24 matches of PKL 10 reveals a substantial viewership of close to 158 million, underscoring the league’s consistent popularity.

According to BARC research, a remarkable 35% of the Pro Kabaddi League’s overall viewership is attributed to the Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada regions. This not only underscores the league’s widespread popularity but also highlights its ability to capture diverse linguistic demographics.

As we celebrate the 1000th match, the Pro Kabaddi League continues to captivate audiences, proving its enduring appeal and solidifying its position as one of India’s premier sporting events. The journey from Season 1 to Season 10 exemplifies the league’s growth, with each season contributing to the rich tapestry of kabaddi excitement and entertainment. Stay tuned for more updates as the PKL saga unfolds!


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