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PKL 10: Aslam Inamdar and Maninder Singh Heroics tilted game in Favor of Paltans and Warriors respectively


Match No 1: Puneri Paltans vs Jaipur Pink Panthers 

The Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 showcased an exhilarating showdown between the Jaipur Pink Panthers and the Puneri Paltans, marking their debut encounter in this prestigious tournament. The match opened with Puneri Paltan taking the lead in the raid, with Inamdar’s strong start earning the team its initial point by sidelining Sahul Kumar from the Jaipur Pink Panthers.

As the game unfolded, Rahul Chaudhari’s raid for the Panthers was met with a resilient defense from the Paltans, while Arjun Deshwal managed to secure a solitary point for the Panthers, maintaining a close score of 4-3 in favor of the Paltans. Notably, Gaurav Khatri’s defensive prowess denied Deshwal’s attempt at a bonus, adding to the intensity of the game.

Crucial moments unfolded as Mohit Goyat executed a decisive Do or Die raid, outclassing Sahul and contributing another point for the Paltans. Meanwhile, Rahul Chaudhari and Arjun Deshwal’s impressive plays balanced the scoreline at 7 all just before the first time-out, highlighting the teams’ competitive spirit.

The first half-time out witnessed a display of tactical brilliance from both Jaipur and Puneri, resulting in a tied score of 9-9. However, a pivotal all-out orchestrated by Ajit tilted the balance in favor of the Jaipur Pink Panthers, with Arjun Deshwal’s exceptional raids accumulating an 8-point lead by halftime, favoring the Panthers at 18-14.

The second half commenced with Deshwal’s remarkable Super 10, bringing the Panthers closer at 21-15. Yet, an impressive defensive move from Shadlou, outclassing Deshwal, shifted the momentum, briefly favoring the Panthers at 23-22. However, a series of swift maneuvers from Shadlou and Arjun turned the tide, with the Puneri Paltans seizing a lead at 28-25, thanks to Shadlou’s adept defense.


The final moments witnessed Deshwal’s resilient efforts and Inamdar’s Super 10, but Mohit Goyat’s solid defensive hold tilted the scales in favor of the Puneri Paltans, securing a 35-29 victory. Despite a late surge and a valiant super tackle from the Panthers, the Puneri Paltans emerged victorious at 32-27, avenging their previous defeat in the marquee event’s final.

The match was a testament to the teams’ grit, skill, and strategic maneuvers, ultimately resulting in a thrilling victory for the Puneri Paltans against the Jaipur Pink Panthers.

Match no 2: Bengal Warriors vs Bengaluru Bulls 

The clash between the Bengal Warriors and the Bengaluru Bulls in the Pro Kabaddi League witnessed an engaging and competitive encounter. The game commenced with Maninder Singh setting the tone with a successful raid, followed by an impressive defensive play that added another point for the Warriors, establishing an early 3-0 lead.

The Bengaluru Bulls adopted a defensive approach initially, yet Jadhav’s determined effort secured a crucial point for his side, capitalizing on a do-or-die situation by dismissing Surjeet. However, the points distribution remained in favor of the Warriors, with Kandola and Maninder contributing to maintaining a 5-1 lead.

Shubham Shinde’s remarkable defensive maneuvers, executing three successful tackles, widened the gap further, elevating the Warriors to a score of 7 points against the Bulls’ 4.

The first time-out saw the Warriors leading 7-4, but a compelling performance by Neeraj Narwal in a super raid brought the Bulls back into contention, resulting in a tight scoreline of 8-7 despite Narwal’s lead.

The Warriors’ solid defense thwarted Bharat’s attempts to earn points, maintaining their lead at 12-8. However, the do-or-die raids saw a gripping battle as Vishwas was singled out by the Bulls. Maninder’s remarkable four raid points and a stellar tackle prevented the Warriors from settling, resulting in Hooda securing no raid points.

As the first half drew to a close, the Warriors held the advantage, propelled by a series of strategic plays.

In the latter part of the second half, a standout save by Shinde enabled the Warriors to regain momentum, expanding their lead to 18-13 following the first time-out.

The match exhibited a captivating exchange of skill and strategy, with both teams showcasing resilience and tactical prowess throughout the game.

Subsequently, the Warriors continued to consolidate their dominance, steadily fortifying their lead against the Bulls. Their persistent efforts have posed challenges for the Bulls, making their task increasingly formidable in this gripping contest.

A decisive turn came as the Bulls initiated an all-out, narrowing the point difference to a mere 28-27 in favor of the Warriors. In the final three minutes, lapses in play by the Bulls enabled the Warriors to capitalize, overtaking the lead, resulting in a final score of 31-28 in favor of the Bengal Warriors.

In the last one minute of the game, the score was 31-29 and a tackle by the Warriors at the end moment of the game turned the game in their favor with a scoreline of 32-30. 




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