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Ashu Malik and Yogesh Take Center Stage as Dabang Delhi Beats Bengaluru Bulls

The Dabang Delhi KC emerged victorious in a nail-biting encounter against the Bengaluru Bulls, clinching the match with a final score of 46-38. While several players contributed to Delhi’s win, the spotlight undoubtedly shines brightest on Yogesh, the defensive powerhouse who earned the title of star performer.

From the very first whistle, Yogesh established his dominance on the mat. His signature move, the back hold, proved unstoppable, securing an impressive High 5 (5 Tackles Points), a feat rarely achieved in Kabaddi. His unwavering presence and strategic tackling held the dangerous Bengaluru raiders, particularly Sushil who managed 11 points, largely in check.

Complementing Yogesh’s brilliance was the coordinated effort of the entire Delhi defense. Vishal Bhardwaj, with 7 points, and Vikrant, with 2 points, also contributed significantly with their tackles. This collective defensive prowess resulted in 4 Super Tackles for Delhi, showcasing their unwavering focus and strategic execution.

However, Delhi’s victory wasn’t solely built on defense. Ashu Malik, the star raider, played a crucial role in their offensive strategy. He amassed 17 points, including two Super Raids, proving both agile and effective in evading tackles and earning touch points. Meetu Sharma, with 4 points, also contributed to the raiding efforts, keeping the scoreboard ticking for Delhi.

The Bengaluru Bulls, despite their valiant efforts, couldn’t quite overcome the Delhi juggernaut. Sushil’s impressive performance and Akshit’s 5 points provided glimpses of hope, but the team’s overall strategy seemed fragmented. While they managed to inflict an all-out on Delhi in the second half, it wasn’t enough to bridge the gap created by Delhi’s consistent performance.

The match between Dabang Delhi and Bengaluru Bulls was a testament to both defensive prowess and strategic raiding. While several players from both teams displayed commendable skills, Yogesh’s exceptional defensive performance and Ashu’s offensive agility proved decisive in securing Delhi’s victory. This win solidifies Delhi’s position in the league and serves as a reminder of their potential as a strong contender.


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